First of all, thank you for passing by! I'm a Colombian designer with a big desire to experiment with different media. I've lived in The United States and Spain, which has transformed my way of connecting with other cultures and change my mindset.

I'm an experienced UI & editorial designer with 9+ years of experience. I'm in love with books and the magic of grids; I translate this knowledge to all digital products I work with.
My editorial background has trained me to be a detail-oriented designer with a structured knowledge of the creative process and its scales for project-level planning. I'm passionate about what I do, but also, I love, and it is my passion to mentor other designers, helping them grow in their skills and careers. I enjoy learning and sharing my knowledge with other people.

CV ⟶ Upon request.


Master in Publishing Design: Print and Digital Media.
IED - Madrid, Spain︎
Graphic Design BFA
Jorge Tadeo Lozano - Bogotá, Colombia

Selected Clients

Google Web Stories
Google Assistant
Google for Retail
Huge Inc
El Tiempo
ABC del Bebé
Revista Motor
Revista Don Juan


Say hi back ⟶

Listening to 🎧

Evermore (none stop) - Taylor Swift
(I love the storytelling in this Album)

Besides work

I'm learning watercolor 🎨
I'm learning how to play the guitar 🎸
Improving my cooking skills👩🏻‍🍳
I was a coauthor writer of a book for entrepreneurs.