ABC del Bebé Web Redesign


Project Overview

ABC del Bebé is one of the most prominent magazines in Colombia. One of the requests was to do a CMS change; with that in mind, we did the transition and proposed a complete web page redesign because the last UX/UI update was in 2010. We needed to provide the user with a current portal to strengthen brand identity and position as an expert in parenting and family content.

The objectives of the project:

1. Update the content feeding and publishing tool, meeting the needs of different platforms.

2. To deliver to ABC's audiences a current and innovative digital product that communicates in a timely, relevant, and reliable manner.

3. Strengthen our image as experts and leaders in the communication segment on parenting and family issues.

El Tiempo Casa Editorial.
My Role
Visual Design Lead
Creative Team
Juliana Flórez UX, Katerine Vanegas SVD,
Paola Velasquez VD, Nichole Dezka VD.

How it started.The first thing we did was a series of research and competitive audits. to understand the market at that time. Also, we did a series of exercises with some users, like card-sorting, to understand their needs and the organization they needed on the site. Finally, we did a series of tests for the logo treatment, typography, color, and illustrations.


Logo & Illustrations update.Taking advantage that the site was going to be updated, we also decided to update the site's logo. We applied the new colors and modified the typography to a more geometric form.

On the other hand, we created a new visual language for the illustrations, making them modern and playful according to the new site's content.


Visual Design Results. We had a very tight deadline; since the ask was to update the CMS, we delivered all the visuals in one month. This site had a significant impact on the company in terms of marketing and page views.


Design System. We also created a design system to organize all the components with their specs to improve our hand-off process to the dev and QA team.